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Verinon Solutions's product portfolio is a direct result of our ability to listen to our clients and their evolving business needs.

Incrementally, our product offerings are all centered on our areas of expertise in the enterprise content management (ECM) and collaboration software space. Specifically, our products assist clients in the management of their existing investments in both Microsoft SharePoint and EMC based software products.

Verinon Solutions’s Easy2Share Migration platform simplifies the process of migrating content from multiple source systems over to Microsoft SharePoint (2007-2013). Easy2Share is not just a migration product, but also a methodology for migrating content that offers a 100% success rate to SharePoint. In addition to the Easy2Share SharePoint migration tool set, Verinon Solutions also offers our clients turnkey migration services in conjunction with the Easy2Share software.

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Verinon Solutions’s ShareTop product is an integration solution bringing together both SharePoint and EMC Documentum platforms. Our solution allows for SharePoint users to access the Documentum repository via a single-sign on (SSO), facilitating the ability to share/collaborate with both internal and external user groups. ShareTop’s flexible architecture accommodates custom SharePoint and Documentum environments and supports SharePoint versions 2007 and 2010 & Documentum versions 5.x and above.

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Easy2Migrate methods and tool allows the migration of content from an existing WCM solution into AEM 5 and 6. The solution simplifies the migration process, yet offers number powerful and flexible configuration options which will allow you to extract, transform and load data from any source.

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