Documentum Content Management Implementation

EMC Documentum is the leader in enterprise content management, records management, and EDMS

EMC Documentum is the leader in enterprise content management, records management, and EDMS (electronic document management system) solution space.

Verinon Solutions is an EMC Documentum Global Partner since 2004, having worked collaboratively with EMC and executed successful Documentum implementation for our various esteemed clients across world. Our EMC Documentum services practice consists of 150+ full time Documentum consultants; most of them are EMC Proven Professionals on Documentum & Captiva.

Verinon Solutions is a proud member of EMC C3P (Consulting Preferred Partner Program) with the most EMC Proven professionals on Captiva and Documentum products. EMC C3P status is awarded to partners after a stringent evaluation of partner's service delivery capabilities, which includes having a number of certified EMC Documentum and Captiva professionals and successful project implementations.


EMC Captiva Implementation and Offshore Support: We provide document capture solutions based on EMC Captiva suite to transform content from paper, fax, and electronic sources into business-ready content suitable for processing by enterprise applications. Organizations can leverage on our expertise to deploy a high-speed scanning solutions to digitize large volume of documents or a distributed scanning solution with small footprints to cater to the need to distributed workforce across multiple branches/offices.

EMC Documentum Implementation: EMC Documentum is the market leader in providing document management solutions to enterprises across industries. Our team of Documentum experts has tremendous expertise in implementing complex Documentum based content management solutions to manage contents in a single repository while using secure, web-based workspaces to execute dynamic projects and processes.

Verinon Solutions Upgrade and content migration: We have proven expertise in upgrading from older versions of Documentum and Captiva (4x, 5x) to the latest versions (6.x) or migrating unstructured/structured content to the Documentum repository using bulk upload tool to save time and ensure the rapid roll-out of EDMS system across organization.

Integration with 3rd party apps: with third-party solutions like ERP's and Microsoft SharePoint to gain the maximum output from your IT investment leveraging on our expertise of integrating business applications with Documentum repository and create a single store of all type of contents. Visit our ShareTop solution page for more information.

Expert Advisory Services

Performance Tuning and re-engineering: Verinon Solutions's expert team of EMC Certified System and Application architects is capable of providing expert advisory services to customers to fine tune and re-engineer the ECM systems to meet the demand of increasing users and departments' on-boarding.

Roll-out & scalability improvements: Our team has the experience and expertise to advice customers on building and revamping the architecture to meet the scalability requirements of your business in ever growing business environment.

Industry Oriented Solutions

Solution for Energy & Utility Industry: A flexible and scalable EDMS and Transmittal solution based on EMC Documentum platform serves energy & utilities companies with a greater efficiency. Our team has excellent experience in building such a repeatable solution for various Oil & gas exploration and pipeline companies, Oil refineries, Chemical engineering companies and other EPCC contractors, which can be replicated at any new customer site within few weeks.

Solution for Banking and finance industry: Based on the industry-leading EMC Documentum and Captiva solutions, Verinon Solutions provides institutions the ability to capture contents in distributed environment, quickly view content, make decisions, and obtain a 360-degree view of customer and internal information. Institutions can leverage on EMC's xPress Composition Platform to automate various processes like New Account Opening, Loan and mortgage processing and Credit card processing etc. With ECM & BPM solutions, institutions are able to process a large volume of transactions while maintaining secure control of their information.

Solution for Pharma/Healthcare Industry: Automate the entire content lifecycle even as you enforce all your compliance and retention policies. Our team has great expertise in delivering compliance solutions specifically to pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Annual Maintenance & Support

Verinon Solutions operates an EMC Documentum Center of Excellence at our Global Delivery Center in Hyderabad, India with onsite support centres at USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and India. With a team of 150+ qualified resources including EMC Certified Architects, we are committed to serve our customers round the clock across the world with highest degree of satisfaction. Verinon Solutions extends its support services to EMC Documentum and Captiva customers worldwide at a flexible & affordable option to ensure the smooth operation and greater availability of system.

Our support offerings are as follows:


  • Support in business hours only
  • Remote query & incident handling
  • Only for Production environment
  • Phone/Email Support


  • Includes Basic Support + 15x7x365 Phone/email Support
  • Unlimited phone support (within the constraint of the man-day funding) for queries and minor incidents. All phone queries will be responded to within an hour.
  • Aside from responding to queries or minor issues which could be resolved through phone support program, Verinon Solutions technical consultant is also committed to work on and resolve technical issues related to the Documentum or Captiva system. Response time and service level objectives for the reported cases will be per stated in the Case Severity and SLA defined while agreement.
  • Technical Support will be provided via a combination of remote VPN dial-in or onsite support. Minimum of 4 hours per onsite visit will be considered.
  • All technical support will contribute towards the total support time.
  • This Services Support Program is available as a block of support man-days to be consumed within a stipulated time.


  • Annual Contract: We provide FTE (Full time Equivalent) technical resource to support the changes, enhancements, roll outs, bug fixes, etc
    • Term: Annual
    • Per Man-month basis
    • General support hour is 9x5 (excluding local holidays and weekends).
  • Need based:
    • Customer can call our technical resources as and when required.
    • Minimum of 4 hours per onsite visit will be considered or the reasonable travel time.

Ad-hoc Support

Customer can buy a pack of man-days to be consumed for a defined term and raise ticket on the basis of their needs and avail the support.