DevOps Services

Verinon DevOps services help clients transform their software delivery process.

Verinon's DevOps consulting services will help you transform your IT value creation chain by leveraging the entire universe of the DevOps methodology to maximize the benefits of agile delivery. Our practice is not limited by any process, construct, or product; we respond to client needs as required to streamline entire IT lifecycle, from design and build, to test and release, to deployment and operation.

DevOps Consulting:

Verinon's DevOps consulting experience encompasses every major and/or subordinate element within today’s enterprise infrastructure including networks, servers, the overall environment, its configuration, physical or virtual systems management, and whether a commercial system is housed within the cloud or on-premise hosted infrastructure or applications. Verinon’s DevOps team helps organizations to ship code faster, scale better without compromising quality in any manner. We navigate through strategy, audit, build, automate, monitor, manage, and support your DevOps initiatives. Verinon’s expert cloud consulting services can help you with:

  • Expert level advisory for your cloud initiatives.
  • Architecture or re-architecture of your cloud platform (AWS, Azure, GCP, or RackSpace or private or hybrid cloud).
  • Provide you strategy and implementation services for cloud migration, deployment of existing or new applications.
  • Provide services for containerization (Docker or others) and utilization of micro services and orchestration tools (Kubernetes or Mesos or others).
  • Provide services for continuous deployment pipeline to accelerate product development and deployment.
  • Provide strategy for robust disaster recovery plans and failover drills.
  • Creating immutable infrastructure which is fault tolerant and ideally self-healing with zero downtime deployment routines.

Engagement Models:

Verinon’s DevOps services can be availed in any of the following models:

  • DevOps as Service: If you cannot wait for scaling your DevOps team, we can leverage our experience to help.
  • Outsourced, In-house DevOps: If your idea is not to take pains in building in-house ops team, we can work on a retainer, foxed fees model to manage your infrastructure and foster your DevOps initiatives.
  • Automated Management: Helps you with your configuration management and application deployment seamless by leveraging opensource toolchain containing Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes on CoreOS or other technologies of your choice.

DevOps Services


Verinon offers automation of infrastructure, provisioning and software build practice using tools such as Jenkins and Ansible. Deployments can be automated and also provisioning automation can be offered for scalable systems for faster, stable and frequent deployments.

Enterprise Monitoring:

Verinon offers the setup, initiation, and management of various automated monitors; that ensure that system operations maintain optimal performance. In the event, these monitors track, identify, target and log active events that can trigger active remedial actions by the user or consultant, or simply store requisite passive data points for later investigation or utilization.


Containerization has become a de-facto standard for application packaging and deployment. Verinon can provide end to end solutions and ecosystem built around containers.

  • Containerization of existing or new applications using Docker containers using configuration management tools such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet etc.
  • Building Docker network topology, clusters, databases, security and making ready for CI/CD pipeline.
  • Product development support for making service container ready with Microservice architecture.
  • Cloud Integration for containers and supplementary tool chain.
  • Develop ecosystem and workflows around EC2 Container service.
  • Orchestration using Apache Mesos and /or Kubernetes.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery:

Continuous Integration (CI) is an industry standard management/organizational practice in which developers merge code into a shared repository several times daily, thereby detecting problems early. A key component of agile development, practicing Continuous Integration reduces your organization’s exposure to risk, as the system is predicated on addressing issues effectively and early in the development process. Verinon provides solution for continuous integration and deployment using standard set of tool chain using Jenkins, TravisCI, Bamboo and CD using Chef, Ansible, SaltStack, Puppet etc.

DevOps Toolchain:

  • Build / Testing: Jenkins, TravisCI, Bamboo, Teamcity, Maven, Gradle, Sauce Lab, Cucumber
  • Databases: Redis, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Hbase
  • Monitoring: Zenoss, Zabbix, Nagios, Datadog, OP5, ScienceLogic, Graphite, Cacti
  • Application Monitoring: New Relic, Dynatrace, AppDynamics.
  • Web/App Servers: Jboss, Tomcat, Jetty, Aapche, Ngnix, IIS
  • Infrastructure: AWS, OpenStack, Rackspace, Google Compute Engine, Windows Azure
  • Bare Provisioning: Custom Implementation, Stacki, Razor (Hanlon)
  • Virtualization: VM Ware, KVM, XEN
  • Logging: ELK, Splunk, Loggly
  • Configuration Management: Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack
  • Application Deployment: Capistrano, Fabric, CloudFoundry, Stackato
  • Other Tools: Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Jenkins, Docker, Vagrant, Kubernetes, Terraform, Packer, Sensu, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Git, Pagerduty