Corporate Culture

A world of career opportunities

Our culture is the product of a sequence of interrelated characteristics that build on each other. Structurally speaking, our organization is very flat.

Decisions are made locally. Though we move in sync, leaders in each country make their own decisions on wide range of topics. We focus on minimizing the number of things that are centrally mandated.

This is because we want to foster the exiting environment of entrepreneurship and teamwork. This approach centers on a cyclical balance of rights and responsibilities where we treat each other with trust and respect and in turn each of us has to live up to a requirement of integrity and accountability to both each other individually and our respective team.

Flat structures both at the country level as well as within our services and delivery organizations has made us more nimble and allowed us a better perspective on whom can rise up.


We guarantee highest motivation levels at Verinon Solutions through competitive compensation packages, world class benefits program, stimulating job content, outstanding development opportunities and global relocation opportunities.

  • The various ways in which Verinon Solutions recognizes its people are listed below.
  • Project milestone achievement celebrations - to encourage efficient execution of projects
  • Recognition of star performers - to recognize outstanding talent and rewarding them
  • Performance-based increments - to recognize outstanding achievers
  • Long-service awards - to build organizational loyalty and motivation