Cloud & Unified Monitoring Solutions

Provide complete end-to-end visibility into cloud and hybrid environments.

With Many applications and data moving to cloud, Verinon has created a remote managed IT services offering using the Zenoss Suite of products.

These services include the following:

  • Advisory for Cloud, Saas, Infrastructure Monitoring & Analytics
  • Custom solutions for Vitualization, Disaster Recovery, Security & Compliance.
  • Application monitoring using Zenoss Suite(Onsite & Remote)
  • Infrastructure Monitoring using Zenoss Suite (Onsite & Remote)
  • Managed NOC operations using Zenoss Suite (Onsite & Remote)
  • Managed DevOps and NetOps.
  • 24 X 7 Global Support based on ITIL & ISO 27001 compliant framework.

With Verinon's proven methodlogy, our dedicated Managed Services Team can serve clients where IT resources are limited or over-burdened with tasks outside the realm of montoring. Verinon's Managed Services team can be a trusted partner with our services while adhering to the Governance, Risk & Compliance policies of each unique client. Customers can leverage a dedicated managed services team appointed to monitor and manage the client’s infrastructure. Our experienced teams can execute these services without any geographical limitations and work within a customer's normal hours of operation or even 24/7 if required.

Contact us for more information regarding our Managed Services Offerings.